From My Days at the Art Institute

Here are some pieces I made during summer 2006 to spring 2007 while I was a student at the Art Institute. I have an animation student for 3 quarters and a graphic design student for 1.
During this timer period, I was very unhappy. THe school didn't turn out to be what I thought it was, and I had made a mistake in going there. I had really low self esteem at the time, and my whole world was falling apart. So, when I look at these...I remember all those dark awful feelings..and hating everything about these projects.. mostly because I kept thinking I wasn't good enough.

These are from my Basic Drawing Class:

Advanced Drawing:

I couldn't photograph this one straight on because of how reflective the graphite is.

Anatomy: I actually lost most of the work I did in this class. These are all I have.. and they are just short timed sketches.


Color Theory:

Advanced Typography:

A Photoshop Class (I don't remember what the class was called):

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