2006 and Before

Before I begin showing my current work I am going to post my past works of art. I feel that in order to understand what I create now.. I have to show my journey and how I have come here. This post exhibits a time when I was sheltered within the walls of Calvary Chapel and my loving and kind teacher Laurel could encourage me and help simmer all the anxiety that stirred within my heart. When I left Calvary, I had no idea that the next 2 years would be the most emotionally difficult years of my life and my artwork would suffer in the sense I no longer created it...but benefit because now I am no long identified by it. Anyways, I will explain more later. Here is my old stuff :D

2002..or maybe 2003 Drawing (Freshman or Sophomore year..)

2004-5 Painting (Junior Year):

This was my first painting ever.

I painted this for my boyfriend at the time...then took it back O.O!

This was a still life of sea shells


2005-2006 (Senior Year)- Ap Studio Art.
Ap Studio art requires you to paint/draw 24 works. The first 12 explore traditional styles and the last 12 allow the artist to explore a theme in anyway they desire. My theme was "A Simple Twist of Reality."
These first drawings were the required traditional 12. They are shown in the order they were created.


2006 - These doodles from my first few quarters at the Art Institute. Some of these (like the character studies) were required for class projects.
Tomorrow I will post my art projects from AI. Today you only get doodles.

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  1. It's great to see your work Alina! I look forward to seeing your new work as well. :)