Looking at old friends

When I see people from AI produce good work part of me regrets leaving. I know I shouldn't, especially since I can still grow as an artist (even though I'm a few years behind now). I know I needed that time to process and really figure out if I wanted to be an artist, and what kind of artist.
Still, I wish I was farther along, I'm embarrassed that I haven't progressed. Of course, you can't progress when you really don't draw for two years.
All the more reason to practice and draw continuously now!
(this is my attempt at being optimistic, lol.)


  1. Don't look back. I know it's corny, but things do happen for a reason. As you get older, you'll start to realize why you needed the time off, and you'll be happier with your choices. Don't be so hard on yourself, as it's not conducive to growth! Think positive and move forward lady! :)

  2. Im trying to think positive :)... it's just very contrary to my nature. lol.