WIP charcoal 18x 24" newsprint
This is the homework I am working on now...I'm debating weather I should just work on his face and ear more or actually finish his shoulders and some of his hair....I'm not totally sure. I am trying to not allow my "Ive been awake too long headache" influence my decision. This image is a little distorted because of the angle I photographed the image.

charcoal 18x 24" drawing paper
This is a two day life study. I wish I had been a lot closer to the model. Most of my trouble with this dealt with the fact that I really couldn't see her face from a distance...maybe I should have my eyes checked? Anyways, she came out ok... So, the nose the my favorite thing about faces so I have a tendency to make them too big :D

charcoal 18x 24" drawing paper
This is also done from life. About 15 minutes to the end of class my professor advised us to at least begin shading and focusing on one area so at least we would have a somewhat finished portion. I chose his chest...this was my families comment, "why does he have a 6 pack?". Oh man.. :)

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