Shoe Paintings are Finished

So let me tell you guys, the new iphone is awesome. The past two posts I took the photos with my dad's iphone, posted it to a draft in the app blogbooster, and waited until I had about 5 mins of free time to format the post in order before publishing. (I haven't figured out how to format in blog booster, and I don't feel like memorizing html).
My oil painting homework is finished. I was rushed on the second one, because I had no time this week at all. Here is how my time for this week went:
  • Wednesday: We finally started painting, this enabled me to actually know how to do my homework.
  • Thursday: I have class until 7pm and I usually get home by 8:30. I figured I could rest for the evening and work all day friday.
  • Friday: WRONG. Friday was the most horrible day ever and I ended up with barely any time to paint, Saturday: I attend a Messianic Jewish congregation until 1pm. I was able to finish the first assignment.
  • Sunday: My 23rd birthday! So yea, no time.
  • Monday: Class until 9:15! (I live an hour from school).
  • Tuesday: Skipped my classes so I could finish.

Anyways, now that I'm looking at them I really want to shift the light in the bg of the second work. Oh well. The newest one was a challenge for 2 reasons:
1. How I positioned the shoes 
2. It's lit from underneath. 
I do love the moodiness the second one has especially in comparison to the soft calm mood the first portrays. I think you can tell I felt rushed and frustrated lol.

11x 14
Oil on Canvas
Actually, I did tweak the light at the bottom after photographing this image.
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Both projects trying to dry 

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