Long Beach & Back

I drove up to long beach today, hoping to sit in LBMA and sketch out some of the paintings. However, I discovered the museum is closed on Mondays. I spent my day walking around the busy sidewalks, observing the lifestyle in the country's most diverse city. I stumbled upon Portfolio Coffeehouse and used the opportunity to so a little sketching. I forgot to bring an eraser, so every mark was permanent, which always makes quick sketches fun and more likely inaccurate.  I know there is a term for the pleasure of seeing, but I can never remember it. Anyways, today was a day of candy for my eyes.

Life Drawing/Sketch -10 mins? Graphite + Photoshop

This was the guy sitting next to me in the coffee shop. He changed seats, so I had to start a new drawing. It's always interesting to draw moving people. The drawings always come out peculiar.

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