5am rambling?

So I very rarely work on a project over time. Even if I attempt to begin two weeks early, I finished 90% of the piece the night before. This is what I am dealing with now, which I wouldn't mind except that I need to complete 4 projects in mediums that I'm not completely comfortable with. Tomorrow...or well today I need to turn in a still life assignment as well as a life drawing of my feet. I am not at all happy with my still life, so in no way will I show it to you. So, far the drawing of my feet is...a drawing. I have no idea if it's going well or not. I really don't know why I am writing about this, but I feel compelled to. I must say that 5 hour energy sucks compared to the organic stuff I drank last week. Alright, well back to listening to episodes of Malcolm in the Middle and inking...

Oh and, everyone should read My Name is Asher Lev. It's a wonderful book. I keep wondering if the author ever draws, because he explains the drawing experience so well. There is this moment where Asher (the main protagonist) experiences the lines in the world around him. I love when that happens. Its the moment where the drawing process truly connect to sight and touch. You can feel the curves in the peoples faces, your hands without moving trace every undulating surface around you in your mind. I could write this so much more eloquently but, its 5am...so deal with it. Oh man, that book is amazing.

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