Tony Ryder Copy II

So my life drawing teacher took photos of our last homework assignment and posted them on her blog .
Here's mine. I'm not happy with it at all. First of all, this project was very challenging for me. I find female figures a thousand times easier to draw and I enjoy drawing them a lot more. Plus, this guys pose seems simple, but it's not.
Anyways, in my drawing his arm ended up way too long, which I should have fixed... but I really wanted to turn it in on time.
It's also the thing I left for last...which I wish I hadn't. By that time it was 3 am and I all I wanted to do was finish.
When we get these back, I am going to attempt to redo his arm.
In main photo, I tried to shorten his arm in photoshop. I was somewhat successful, except his arm feels very thick to me now, especially his wrist. (oh btw don't you lost how I don't have any complex sentences? I need to make more of an effort when I post on here)
Oh well.

Click for a larger image:

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